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 2001 Westwood Hills Drive

 St. Louis Park Minnesota, 55426

“John McKone is a world-class piano restorer, tuner and technician.

I've never met one better, and I've been lucky enough to work with the

best around the world. John has voiced, repaired and tuned pianos for

me on concert stages, for live recordings, in the recording studio,

and at home, and no matter how demanding the situation, the results

have always been perfect. You can't beat that.”

                -Dan Wilson, Grammy winning songwriter. Producer and musician.

"John McKone has been tuning pianos for me and for my various

projects, including Semisonic and The New Standards, for nearly ten

years. Not only that, he rebuilt my family's precious 120 +

year old Steinway "A" restoring it to life. He is the best around and

a mellow hang to boot."

                                       - John Munson, Twin Cities premiere bass player

“I was using the same piano tuner for years until I purchased my Steinway B. John McKone and one of his colleagues

 rebuilt my piano and John has been my technician ever since.  I can always depend on his punctuality and quality

service. So much so that I always refer clients to him, both personally and professionally through my position as

 Director of Individual Instruction at MacPhail Center for Music.”

                                                 - Timothy De Prey, Principal Accompanist Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

John McKone is my first choice in the Twin Cities for piano tuning, or piano TLC in general. I've

used him many times for both recording sessions and concerts. He has a great ear and is always a

 pleasure to work with.

                                         - Brad Kern, audio engineer

“We appreciate John's professionalism. His ability to accommodate our production schedules is outstanding.”

                                                                         - Justin Burke & Mike Damman - Stage Managers, Northrop Auditorium.