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John McKone
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So you're wondering why I'm giving away so many songs for free. Well, sometimes I wonder the same thing. The answer goes something like this:

If I want to continue producing albums and playing shows, I need to continually increase name exposure (not to mention cash). Spreading the word about the music is best done by spreading the music itself as far as I can. This lets me build recognition with a very limited marketing budget. (Besides, we all know you can find my music on peer-to-peer networks anyway.)

So listen to the music all you want. Share it with your friends. Whatever. But if you like it, I hope you'll help me out in some way. You know, buy a CD (they sound better than MP3s, anyway), host a house concert, request airplay on your local radio station, come to a show, tell somebody else about me, send me an email telling me how wonderful I am -- you get the picture.

Enjoy the music, then do something to help me keep making it. Thanks for reading the fine print.


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